Sasha is a fun loving sweet heart of a dog.  She rarely barks and can be full of energy one minute or cuddle calmly with us on the couch the next. Her solid color on her face allows us to see her facial expressions from questions she likes to ask or a definite "No, I don't want to go to bed yet!" But if we dance with her she will go right into her kennel.  She brings joy and laughter to us every minute of the day.  Her special talent is to give affection where ever it is needed.

Sasha weighs 15 pounds and Kirby weighs 8 pounds.  Their puppies will be a little smaller than most F1 Cavapoos. 

We are now accepting deposits for Sasha and Kirby’s Fall/winter 2023 litter.  

Our Cavapoo puppies are becoming popular.  To avoid disappointment please fill out our Puppy Application Form.  You will receive an automatic message when you click send. This message contains information on our adoption process, policies, and fees. Our fees are higher than other breeders but our Cavapoo puppies are truly worth it.  Plus, a higher adoption fee keeps our waitlist short and gives the opportunity to adopt a puppy sooner. 

Below is a baby picture of our Sasha, and two pictures of Sasha's past puppies.  

Here are pictures of Sasha's spring 2020 litter

Here they are at two weeks

Her new Owners have named her Freya. In this picture she is two weeks old.

And this is Freya's brother Bailey also two weeks old.

Beware of scammers!

We must have a phone conversation 

before any puppy is adopted