Bringing Home Puppy image
If you have no experience in raising a puppy or need a refresher we are here to help.

We recommend your puppy be indoors until he or she has received a second vaccination. Parvovirus and Distemper are deadly and can live in the ground for up to seven years.

An exercise pen helps to ensure the safety of your new little one from contagious diseases as well as dangers that can be in a home. Let's face it, a puppy can not be watched every second. There are electrical cords that can be chewed on, perhaps a flight of stairs to fall from, or even that priceless heirloom to use as a chew toy. Also, puppies need a lot of sleep in their first few months of life. A place to feel safe and to take a well needed break is what both puppy and humans need.

If given free run of your home your puppy will become confused as to where to alleviate him or her self. A water proof liner under the exercise pen will help to protect flooring from water bowl spillage or any rare accidents.

Allowing your puppy to urinate and defecate in our litter box before coming out to have playtime will set your puppy up for success.

A toy or two will keep him/her occupied during nap times. A few days after the second vaccination has been administered your puppy can be immediately taken out doors upon waking and after eating to do his or her "business". You will find that our puppies catch on to this very quickly. We believe this is from the puppies having to think about where to "go" at a very young age. Taking the

The litter box and metal grate we use is given as a gift when your puppy goes home with you. We recommend having two of each of these. For a small fee of $20.00 we

We recommend shrinking or rather folding the exercise pen down to four panels when you first bring your puppy to your home. It will resemble a rectangle. I panel on each end and two panels on each side. This will make it easier for your puppy to find and use the litter box.