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Also known as the Original Teddy Bear Dog, Cavapoos are graceful, sweet, and gentle, and make good companion dogs for all ages. We love Cavaliers, Poodles and Cavapoos because they are wonderful small house dogs with huge personalities that rarely bark.

It is our goal that each of our puppies are offered the best possible life. We are privileged to be welcomed guests in their lives. Unconditional love is the gift we receive from these wonderful creatures. I feel so much more relaxed and feel so happy when I am cuddling with one of our dogs. There must be some health benefits in doing that?

All of our parent dogs have been genetically tested for your piece of mind. Genetic diseases are so prominent now that most dogs are carriers for one disease or another. Being a carrier means the dog will never develop the disease, however, if two dogs are carriers of the same disease and then allowed to mate,one or more of their puppies have a high probability of developing that disease. If a breeder does not perform genetic testing adopting a puppy from them is literally playing roulette.

It has come to our attention that new puppy mills as well as backyard breeders have arisen since the beginning of COVID. These people can be recognized by their extremely low adoption fees and always having puppies available.. This tells you those breeder's main goal is to make a quick buck and nothing more. . ONLY ADOPT FROM A REPUTABLE BREEDER. In the long run you will be getting your money’s worth and a healthy happy puppy that will bring joy to your family’s lives for many years to come.

Our puppies receive first vaccinations and a complete health exam by our veterinarian before going to their new homes. A de-wormer is given at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks. The last dose given just before going to their new homes.

Six people in our family ensure proper human socialization, and our new cat, Peachie, is always curious of new puppy litters as well as our other dogs. Safely, our very old cat, Fiona, passed away at age of 19. It was extremely hard to say good bye to her because she was with us for so long. Fiona's favorite pass time was sitting at the end of our drive way to greet the dogs and their owners passing by. She also loved to be vacuumed. She now sits on our mantle with her paw prin

We are high-end breeders and our adoption fees reflect the effort, time and love that goes into developing such wonderful puppies. Most new owners have reported being amazed that their puppy was house trained at an extremely young age, as well as learning new commands with ease. These puppies truly are worth it!. Another reason our adoption fees are on the high end is to prevent scammers from using our little ones as a commodity. This has happened to us once and leaving no room for profit is a huge deterrent for it to ever happen again. Keeping parent dogs healthy, feeding them high quality food and caring for them in their retirement years at a young age is a financial responsibility. Our dogs live the life of luxury in all their life stages, and they deserve it.

For more information on our adoption fees please send us a message, or fill out our Puppy Application Form clicking on "SEND" will allow you to receive an automatic message giving information on our adoption fees.

We litter train our puppies in non toxic wood pellets for three reasons.

  1. Clean up is so much easier and the wood pellets absorb odors.
  2.  New owners can keep their puppies safe indoors in their new homes until he or she receives the adequate amount of vaccinations against deadly viruses.  If a puppy contracts parvo, the virus will live in the puppies home for 7 years.  The result of a puppy contracting any virus is usually death.  On the rare occasion a puppy survives a disease, neurological damage will occur.  We strongly suggest keeping a puppy adopted from us litter trained until they have received their second vaccination.
  3. When house training begins this training will be so much easier because the puppies are already thinking about where they need to "go".  
  4. Some of our very small parent dogs have very small puppies.  These puppies are too small to negotiate the sides of a litter box.  For these tiny ones we pee pad train on very high quality pee pads.
We utilize a device we made for the puppies to challenge their growing minds.  We call it our early agility center.   You can watch one of our past poodle puppies playing on it by clicking on this link.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0cWqtI0hOs  The toy attached near the top of the slide is placed there so the puppies will lose their balance trying to reach it and go down the slide. Yes, this causes them fear in the beginning but they soon learn that not all scary things will hurt them and the slide is fun.   The entire process of learning to play on this device causes the puppies to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. A shy and timid puppy becomes an outgoing brave puppy. This early learning causes permanent neural pathways to grow in the puppies' brains.   Our cavapoos are like no others.

We love our puppies very much and get to know each of their individual personalities. Yes we get very attached, but we wouldn't want it any other way. This is also why we insist our puppies go to approved homes only. We trust you understand. Serious inquiries only please. No discounts will be given, nor will we lower our prices for any reason because scammers have reeled us in too. We must have a telephone conversation before any deposits are received.

If you wish to be on our waitlist please click on the link: "Puppy Application Form" at the top right of the home page. Each family is carefully selected to adopt one of our puppies by the answers they give on our Puppy Application. The choice of a puppy is given in the order we select applicants. We require a $500.00 deposit after our males and females have completed the first tie, ie, first mating.

All our puppies are born in our home, or in an emergency, at our Veterinarian Hospital. We encourage you to research other breeders and how they raise their puppies. If another breeder is unwilling or unable to show pictures of the parent dogs, we highly recommend not adopting their puppies. We do not wish to promote the suffering of parent dogs from puppy mills nor to perpetuate the use of precious little ones purely for profit.

We also provide lifetime breeder support. Please feel free to brag to us about your puppy any time and as often as you wish. Pictures and videos are most welcome and cherished.

We are the number one breeder of Cavapoo puppies in British Columbia for a reason. It was our intention to be as transparent as possible when creating our website. To be the number one breeder of cavapoos we decided to raise puppies that are healthy, well loved and properly socialized with humans. Being dedicated to being honest and ethical breeders takes time. If you feel the need to ask us two hours worth of questions, we suggest searching the local shelters or other breeders. Thank you, we truly hope you understand.   

Warning about Scammers: We will never accept a deposit until we have spoken over the phone first. Don't be a victim!  

Remember, if it's too good to be true, it probably is!