First of all what is a puppy mill?  The answer is simple.  The proprietor usually has multiple puppies available at any given time.  This on its own should be a red flag.  They also advertise on popular sites that allow ads for puppy adoption.  Some of them are legitimate.  Others are not. How to tell if an advertiser is a puppy mill?  Check to see if that seller has other ads running. Some of those adds might be to bad mouth legitimate breeders.  What reason would they do this?  To get rid of the competition of course.  They might say things to sway you from adopting from a specific breeder by using the first name of the owner and a website address. They might even say they experienced adopting a sick puppy from a specific breeder.  If they have pictures of the other breeders dogs then they copied those pictures without permission.  Check to see if they themselves are the owner or a registered breeder.  Registered breeders are allowed to place multiple adds in other locations for a lower fee.  Another red flag letting you know they are a puppy mill.  Steer clear of people who place ads like these.

The most popular way puppy mills sell their puppies is if you send them a question from an advertising site they answer you by claiming they are a friend of the breeder helping them to sell the puppies. In reality the puppy mill had hired a company to sell the puppies for them. This will assure that you will never meet the parent dogs or the original breeder.

Another way to tell if an a breeder is not the real thing is if the parent dogs have not been genetically tested. This states the owners do not care whether their breeding dogs are carriers of the same genetic diseases or one or both parents have two copies of a genetic disease. This means the parents could be or are affected. Some of these diseases are very serious that could cause blindness, or spinal cord anomalies. Sadly, these diseases will not show up until months or years after you have adopted an afflicted puppy. Not only can this affected puppy incur hundreds to thousands of dollars in vet bills, some diseases can kill a puppy before its first birthday. These puppies also can come home with you carrying an extra present that can infest you and your children, worms, especially , coccidia, is extremely difficult to eradicate.

The last thing to look out for is the adoption fee. A lower than average fee is a huge red flag. These types of breeders only create large volumes of puppies for profit. Adopting puppies from places like these also perpetuates the suffering of the parent dogs who are bred continuously with out a break until they either die giving birth or produce too small of litters. Then they are cold heatedly dumped on the doorstep of an animal shelter or worse.

Our fees reflect the effort and love we put into offering healthy puppies. All our parent dogs have been genetically tested. We only offer a few litters per year. Our main goal is the health of our puppies and to challenge their growing brains. Cognitive development and abilities of our puppies under 8 weeks of age is amazing and a wonder to be a witness to.

Our home is absolutely dog friendly. After all they are our best friends. Our females breeding career lasts a maximum of two years. They are then spayed and stay with us as our forever pets.

Our reputation as ethical breeders makes us very proud. But just as the saying goes all good things must come to an end so will Van Isle Cavapoos. We will be offering puppies for only the next two years but still offer life time support to our puppy owners.

If you want a quality puppy, plain and simple, adopt from a reputable Canadian breeder!

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. Please feel free to peruse our website.

Always Remember, Beware of scammers, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is!