Our adoption fees can be found in an automatic message after you fill out our adoption application form.  Be sure to answer every question.  Then once you have completed the form clicking on send will allow you to receive our automatic message.  Not only does this message contain our adoption fees it also contains information on our refund policy and our adoption procedure.  
We are located on beautiful Vancouver Island.  That is why we chose the name Van Isle Cavapoos.
 Here is a Genetic Breakdown for each Cavapoo generation The (F) stands for First Generation:

  • F1 Cavapoo: Both parents are purebreds the puppies from this mating will be 50% Poodle and 50% Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • F1B Cavapoo: One parent is an F1 or cavapoo and the other parent is a purebred cavalier the puppies will then be 75% Poodle and 25% Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.                                                             Any other parings are not what we provide
We recently mated our purebred Cavalier King Charles Female, Sasha, to our purebred Cavalier King Charles male, Austin.  This is the first time we have bred purebred cavaliers.  We tried searching to bring new blood into our breeding program but it is almost impossible to find another breeder who genetically tests the parent dogs.

We are uncertain if we will breed purebed cavaliers in the future. We will be gentically testing all five of the puppies from Sasha's litter. If the tests results are good, we will breed purebred cavaliers as well as cavapoos in the future.
Most of our dogs give birth to five or six puppies.  One female has had only 4 puppies in her litters and in her last litter she only had 3.  
Our older toy poodle male has been retired.  He is a rare blue.  Depending on which female he was pared  to, he would throw light and dark apricots, black and white party, and the occasional blue.  Now we have a new toy poodle male who is a gorgeous dark red.  We will be expecting more reds and dark apricots in our litters.

First of all, we teach the puppies how to use a litter box to alleviate themselves.    Each puppy will learn at an extremely young age to go to the bathroom in a designated area. They actually think about where to, "GO".  Other puppies, well they just, "GO". We did this for the ease in clean up and so the puppies can stay safe indoors until they receive their second vaccination.  This was the first learning opportunity that I did not realized how much the puppies would benefit from.  The beauty of our puppies being litter trained is there will be no need to get up in the middle of the night to allow your puppy to alleviate him/herself.

We are firm believers that the full learning potential of a puppy has not been discovered yet. We go beyond what most breeders do. Our puppies are never left alone for hours on end. When my first child was born my husband and I decided I would be a stay at home mom. Now my children are in their twenties and I am still a stay at home mom to my dogs and their puppies.

A few years ago I started an innovative way of raising puppies. I remembered how much fun my children had as toddlers playing on toys made for small children. I thought to my self, "Why wouldn't puppies enjoy playing on something similar?" I created a design and my husband built it for me. I called it, "an early activity center." This devise has a step on one end with a riser that is almost the same height of stairs in any home. The step led to yet another riser that leads to a landing. And finally the landing leads to a slide. The benefits the puppies gain from playing on the device are beyond what I ever intended. Including, as mentioned in our home page, critical thinking and problem solving skills. They learn how to negotiate stairs at an extremely young age. They also learn that even though some things may seem scary, such as being pushed off of the landing or down the slide for the first time, it ends up being a lot of fun. Some puppies even took their fun a step further and learned they could catch their litter mates in an ambush from the landing above by pouncing on them. Plus we have loads of fun watching the puppies learn how to play on our device. When the puppies are almost eight weeks old they no longer go down the slide they climb up it. When this happens, we know they have outgrown the miniature activity center just in time to go to their new homes with all the new skills they have learned.

Please click on this link to watch one of our past puppies playing on our early activity center.

No, we only allow our puppies to be picked up from our home. We want to meet you, and most importantly, we want you to meet us.
Yes, each of our potential parent dogs are genetically tested before they are mated.  
Yes, all of our puppies see our licensed veterinarian to receive not only first vaccinations, but a full health check up as well just before going to their new homes.
Yes, we offer a huge take home package of helpful items for your new puppy.  These items can change due to availability but we always ensure to include a litter box and metal grate cover.  As well as a soft clothed toy that has absorbed the scent of the litter mates.  This will be an item of comfort for the first few days after being introduced to a new home.
No, deposits are non-refundable. However, if we feel the reason for not being able to adopt a puppy from us is valid, we will refund half your deposit fee or move your full deposit to the next expected litter.  
We feed our puppies top quality puppy kibble. We offer a good sized sample that should feed your puppy for 3 days. Should you chose to change to a different brand of puppy kibble our sample bag will give you enough food to do this slowly.  

We offer our puppies a full 1/3 cup of puppy food 3 times per day, usually breakfast at 8:00 am, lunch at 3:00pm and finally dinner at 8:00 pm.

Always ensure your new puppy has constant access to clean water.

We offer life time support for you and your puppy.  Please ask us anything , anytime.  We have almost heard it all.  

Also we love hearing from you. Please feel free to brag to us about your new puppy. And if you wish, you can send us a testimonial with a picture of your puppy we can post for others to see.

One other thing we offer and encourage is to enjoy meetups with your puppy's litter mates. If you feel comfortable with sharing your contact information we will send it to the other owners for you once you have taken your puppy home. Please remember to have your puppy receive his or her second vaccination before meeting again for the first time.
Once you have filled out our puppy application form click on “Contact Us”.  You will then receive an automatic message containing our adoption fee and our puppy selection process.
The Cavalier King Charles breed have an innate ability to sense human emotions.   Puppies who have even a tiny portion of this breed learn to develop this ability pretty much at birth.  We send our puppies to their new homes at 8 weeks so they can bond better with their families.
To choose a puppy we must have received a deposit from you first.  The choosing of begins when the puppies are between 4 and 5 weeks old.  This allows us to get to know each puppy’s  personality to give everyone an informed choice.  We utilize a video chat for you to choose your puppy. Once the first family has chosen the second family  will ne contacted. We fund the choosing will take between half an hour to ten minutes depending on many puppies there are to choose from. A puppy that has been chosen is not included in the next family's choice.

Be it the first or the last puppy chosen you will be adopting a puppy like no other.
Right in our living room.  If our dogs were to be kept in a basement bedroom or tucked out of site the puppies would not receive proper nurturing or human socialization.  After we trust our dogs to be complete house trained they are allowed to have full run of our home. How else could we enjoy their company every day.  

We feel if the mother dog were to be in a guardian home she would not know us or trust us. The puppies would then sense that mistrust. Dogs give us unconditional love. It is our philosophy and duty to return that love. It is a sad reality that dogs are with us for such a short amount of time. Why not give them the very best of every thing life can offer. We feel privileged to be welcomed guests in their lives.
Yes, we recommend a few items. The first item we suggest for all puppy owners to order online as soon as you leave a deposit is a product called Snuggle Puppy. Ordering ahead of time will ensure the toy arrives before you bring your puppy home.  This is actually a toy for puppies and dogs.  It’s shape is perfect to comfort a puppy during the transition from our home to yours.  As your puppy ages it will give years of fun for your dog.  It comes with a heat pack and a battery operated beating heart.  You can find this item at or or by searching the internet

We also recommend a pet exercise pen of any kind. A litter box from a company named dollar tree. We provide one in our gift bag but two are better for easier clean up. We found using a food cooling rack from Home Hardware fits perfectly inside the litter box. The item is called IN SRYLE NON STICK COOLING RACK This helps deter the puppy from ingesting the wood pellets and digging in them. We also provide one of these in the gift bag. The wood pellets we use are hardwood pellets. These can be found at any large animal feed store or Canadian Tire. The item at Canadian Tire is named Canawick. We love using wood pellets because they not only obsorb urine but odours as well. To protect your flooring we recommend any water proof runner backed carpet.  And of course water and food bowls. Non spill is best.

Anxiety is leaned through environmental factors. We can help you train your puppy so he or she never develops this troublesome behaviour.