Maya loves to make people laugh.  Maya's mother was a 15 pound Tri-Color Purebred King Charles Cavalier and her father was a 5 pound Red Purebred Toy Poodle.  Maya's puppies will be the smallest cavapoo puppies that we offer, weighing between 3 and 6 pounds as adults.

Below is a baby picture of Maya.

This is Charlie from Maya and Teddy's 2020 litter

And this is Maya and Teddy's Daisy

This is a puppy from Maya and Teddy

And this is Cocoa a female from Maya and Teddy's 2019 litter

She looks so mute like Charlie

they could be twins, but were born in completely separate litters

And this was a very tiny male from Maya and Kirby.  He weighed one pound when he went to his new home at 8 weeks

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