Reasons to adopt a cavapoo image
Since 2019 we have decided to offer cavapoo puppies to loving families.  Cavalier King Charles are the most gentle affectionate breed of dog we have ever had the pleasure of owning.  These dogs seem to be able to look right into your very soul.  We also found out that this breed rarely barks.  

My daughter was an anxiety sufferer. One particular dog picked up on her condition and instinctively figured out what it was she needed to be calmed.

One very special 3/4 poodle and 1/4 cavalier little girl has sensed what it is that I need to be calmed and will sit with me for hours until I feel calm. I suffered a Hemorrhagic stroke 2 and a half years ago. Since this little girl was born in our home her and I have been drawn together. She is much too small to be a part of our breeding program so she will live out her days as my tiny therapy dog. Sitting with her in my lap brings my blood pressure down considerably.

Our dogs are our family members. When they have finished breeding they will live out their lives with us. We are just too attached to even think about parting with them. We have created our puppy application form to help us find perfect families with the same values as we do.

Please feel free to peruse our website. If you wish please fill out our puppy application form. Once the form is completed clicking on send will provide you with an automatic message from us. This message contains our adoption fees and a little more information plus my phone number. If you wish to move forward in adopting one of our puppies or if you have any further questions please give me a call. My dogs are my favourite subject.

I look forward to reading your application form and perhaps hearing from you.

We wish you the very best