Our Past Puppies

This is a picture of both FiFi and Sasha's last litter of puppies.  We are down to two litter boxes and eventually we leave them with only one.  They love to sit on the landing of the activity center to get a better view of their world.  

All pictures of puppies in this page have been sold and are now living with their loving families in their forever homes.

Beware of scammers! we must have a voice phone conversation before any puppy is adopted. 

Rosie's female first litter

Rosie and Teddy's male first litter

Ruby and Teddy's all five first litter. Ruby has been retired and is living with a wonderful family in her forever home.

Ruby and Teddy's second litter

This is Echo all grown up.  One of Maya and Teddy's boys

One of Maya and Teddy's sweet little girls

FiFi and Austin's puppies from her first litter.  Two boys and one girl.  

This is Sasha and Teddy's little girl using her litter box at 6 weeks old

A trio of puppies.  It looks as though they are sharing a secret

This is Beau at almost one year old.

If you remember, 

his puppy picture is on the cover for this page

This is Beau's sister and litter mate.  

Her owners named her Shadow.