Choosing A Puppy Process image
For us being an ethical dog breeder means to nurture every developmental stage.  This begins even before conception. We make sure the mother’s nutritional needs are met.  We prepare her for pregnancy by offering a high quality dog kibble.  Royal Canin puppy is our choice.  Prenatal vitamins are given daily a month before the heat cycle begins.  Then a daily vitamin to support milk production is given after birth until the puppies are weaned. We continue to offer Royal canin puppy kibble to the mother as well. 

When the puppies are born we handle them minimally. The mother lets us know when it is time to begin socializing the puppies with humans. The Mom’s simply cover the puppies bodies with her head telling us, “these are mine don’t touch yet.”  When she is ready to leave her puppies for periods of five or ten minutes at a time mom is telling us it’s ok to handle them now. The puppies are between two to four weeks old.  This is when we learn the unique personalities and temperament of each individual.

The Puppy Application Form was designed to help us decide first of all if the applicant can provide a perfect forever home for one of our puppies.

Carefully chosen families choose their puppy at six weeks of age. We do this by utilizing an app called WhatsApp for the convenience of those living on the mainland and because my husband has a compromised immune system due to chemotherapy. This gives each family an individual opportunity to choose their puppy from a live video stream right from their living rooms, and everyone gets to meet me. You can take pictures of your chosen puppy too during the live chat. We announce the birth of the puppies when they are a week old. We do this to avoid any disappointment if some puppies are still born. Then after that we provide a weekly update until your puppy goes home with you. Each puppy will wear an identification collar of a particular colour because most of our litters are born with red or dark apricot colours. These collars go home with your puppy.

A bag of items including a litter box and metal grate and other useful items is our gift to you.

Please beware of scammers! If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is! We will never accept a deposit with out having a telephone conversation with you first!